Independent Living Program For Young Adults with Learning Disabilities

From Learning Disabilities to Happily Married Mother of 2…Independence Center Success Stories

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Changing the lives of young adults through fostering positive self-esteem and self-reliance is what Independence Center is whole-heartedly set out to do. Independence Center is a non-profit transitional mainstream residential program in Los Angeles, CA.

With over 30 years of experience, Independence Center is dedicated to developing the full potential of young adults with learning differences and special needs. The program provides a stable environment for each individual to develop the skills necessary to transition into independent living.

Though awareness is growing around learning disabilities, the struggle is still so poorly understood. Parents and educators don’t always agree on the methods that should be used, or even worse, feel at a complete loss altogether. For that reason, it’s not particularly common to hear many compelling success stories.

But, at Independence Center, we do have stories to tell. The stories of many young adults who have suffered through the frustrations of wanting to learn, but just needing the extra help and guidance to do so.  Read More